A Great Way To Ruin The Beginning Of The Next Shift Too - Medical Laboratory Science Humor

A Great Way To Ruin The Beginning Of The Next Shift Too


Forgot To Add A Stirball To The Red Cell Reagents on the Echo Lumena
Why are all my screening cells coming up question mark or positive?? That can't be right. Let me run QC. Aaaaand that failed too. Let's call the tech support hotline something is REALLY wrong here. 

"Sir did you recently change the indicator cells on the instrument?"

Yeah, why

"Did you remember to add a stirball?"


Thanks, have a goodnight. Bye. 

They really need to have a light sensor that checks for the stir ball or a scale on the reagent rack lane that knows when a full bottle is too light and likely doesn't have a stir ball in it. Call up the manufacturer, I have a million dollar idea. They need to idiot proof their machines, because I'm an idiot. It's kind of like those hackers that break into a companies website and then say hey pay me, I just discovered a major flaw in your security design. Better yet, hire me as a security consultant because I already know the inner-workings of it. 

You can actually probably hire an idiot to do beta testing on your instruments or software. Just send them to pasture and let them roam free and watch how many things they do wrong. Countless errors. Things you never even DREAMED could be done incorrectly. Then hire the clumsy but adept guy to work on it next. He knows exactly how to run it, but darn it if his aloof self won't drop a cap inside the machine somehow and bend the probe when he tries to grab the cap because of an untimely sneeze. You'll create an absolutely foolproof bulletproof machine of the gods once you watch the limitless possibilities of your instrument unfold.