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Another Fun Drinking Game With Your Buddies --- SED Rate Stalemate


SED Rate Stalemate -- Brought To You By HASBRO

Draw and run Sed Rates on each other! Assuming you have phlebotomy equipment and an analyzer at home. Who wouldn't? We're not laymen here, now are we?

The one with the highest Sed Rate after the allotted time takes a shot. Since they're probably feeling pretty crappy anyway due to having the highest level of overall inflammation out of the group, this game is sure to be a hit. Make the sickest person feel BETTER. Can't beat that logic. 

Make sure you QC and Calibrate first. You wouldn't want someone to have an unfair advantage/disadvantage, right? Make up your own rules too! For every mL your blood settles, you have to drink a light 4% ABV lager. Feeling inflamed? Stay away from this game!

If you do the shot method, it's actually a very safe way to drink. 1 shot per hour (if you're using the classic 1 hour Westergren method of course). As you may know, our poor livers can only process one "standard" drink per hour on average. A typical 1.5ml shot of 40% 80 proof liquor is considered one drink. 

In the absence of serious hepatic disorders such as full on alcoholic liver disease, this study posits that moderate alcohol use may have a negative effect on ESR results. Thus, those who drank alcohol, on average had lower ESR results than the control who teetotalled. 

Okay new game. Keep drinking until we can get our sed rate as close to zero as possible within a night. My doctor will be so proud of me when she sees these results. What? My GGT is elevated? Hmm. Never heard of it!