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Cappy Boi

Who Would Win -- 100,000 dollar Stago analyzer or One Cappy Boi
Disregarding the fact that the NaCit tube looks both underfilled and overhemolyzed for any coag testing, this cappy boi is sure to ruin your mid-shift run. May the probe bend into a perfect L shape so you can hold it up to your forehead like that beloved Smash Mouth hit. You lab all star you. Blame it on the previous shift.

Generalists can feel the pain of moving from one analyzer with a cap remover/cap piercer to another department with a analyzer that doesn't have one. When you're busy, it's easy to forget sometimes...It's a hypervigilance not everyone gets to experience. 

I can remember at my first job, one lady, literally one lady, cost the laboratory THOUSANDS of dollars by causing a probe crash on the coag analyzer. We replaced the probe in-house with a spare and it was installed incorrectly so when it went to pipette reagent, it bent and picked up a reagent bottle, swinging it around until it lobbed it outside the of the instrument. A field service technician came in and replaced the next one, only to have a probe crash a week later with another cappy boi. God help us