Downtime Should Only Last an Hour - Medical Laboratory Science Humor

Downtime Should Only Last an Hour

 Aaaaaand it's gone. Sunquest is broken. Down for 6 hours now. Novius, Cerner, Beaker, whatever you're using. It's down. And it's not coming back. Guaranteed, it's going to be busy during that time too. Where are the backups? How do we find the mirrors?? Shouldn't we have downtime patient labels?? Where are those? Collecting dust somewhere?? Wait the backups are on CD but our new computers don't have CD drives?? An MTP? Seriously? I have to handwrite all of these tags?? It took 7 hours for you to realize the hospital firewall threw a fit and decided to randomly disallow important functions from running?! 

They should advertise scheduled downtime as simply being on a day. Tell us the day it's happening, tell us the time it's supposed to start. Don't even bother with an end cap. We know it could be tomorrow. Our backups aren't very fresh either. I don't remember if that guy made a new Anti-c? I can't look it up though. Nobody gets a transfusion until I get my LIS back.

Why does Hospital IT seem like such a crapshoot? Everyday something seems to be briefly down, or glitched out, or not functioning properly. Calling in tickets for issues is always met with misguided questions that take us further away from the actual issue. I don't know what the printer number is, it's not the printer that's broken, it's my computers connection!