Everyone draws 25 :( - Medical Laboratory Science Humor

Everyone draws 25 :(


Pick up an extra blood bank shift or draw 25

Hey guys we're short-staffed in blood bank and could use a hand? *tumbleweed* *saloon door swings* *crickets*

You mean you don't want to volunteer for a possible massive transfusion or possible multiple antibody workup?? Or page the on call resident 10 times because platelets was ordered on people and we're clearing platelets due to low inventory??

1st shift just lost two people, and now 2 people from 3rd shift are leaving, and 2nd shift has been working short for god knows how long now. Can someone come in to fill these holes? Full shifts? Doubles? I guess half shifts / 4 hour blocks as well? Please? We'll approve the overtime! But we won't post new positions with sign on bonuses which is what every hospital in the area does so of course nobody is going to come here. MONEY TALKS BABY.