OMG. Recognition?? I'm not used to this - Medical Laboratory Science Humor

OMG. Recognition?? I'm not used to this


When A Nurse Writes "You Guys Rock" A a Blood Pick Up Slip
Someone appreciates what we do down here? I'm not sure how to react. I think denial is the first step. Maybe it's a cruel joke. Is this real life?

It literally makes my day when another department, especially doctors and nurses, give us some recognition here and there. I knew going into this field that we were "behind the scenes" and that patients wouldn't get to see us or really know we exist. That's fine. What I was unprepared for was the underappreciaition and lack of understanding of what we do in the lab. "Yes I do in fact know what I'm talking about" "Yes, I have a 4 year degree just like you!"

I wish clinical staff and laboratory could try to understand each other better. We work in a very different world than nurses/doctors even though we work towards the same common goal, the patient. We do not work in 'practice' either. Everything we do in the lab is very SOP based and there is very little room for deviation, ESPECIALLY in Blood Bank.  

The nurses and doctors who make every attempt to better understand how to cooperate and co-exist with the laboratory are incredible humans and are at the top of their game. 

My favorite is when they call and say "Okay, I have a stupid question". Sure we might laugh, but I'm so glad you called, rather than simply doing something potentially wrong, or getting upset because you don't understand. Please continue to call and ask us questions. 

What kills me are the surgeons who SCREAM bloody murder for platelets during a severe platelet shortage. Sometimes we have to clear your orders with a resident guys. Platelets are good for only 5 days post draw and we're low on platelets NATIONALLY. Round up a crew and go donate platelets if you want a constant supply. It's not like we manufacture platelets out of thin air. That would actually be kinda creepy.