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They're Putting Chips In Our Brains I Tell You!

COVID is a hoax?

 It doesn't even exist! The flu kills WAY more people per year. Wait now it does exist but they manufactured it to sell vaccines and get chips implanted into our bodies. Bill Gates has been wanting this for years!

Masks actually keep the virus in and make you sicker! I never even met anyone who had the virus, how do we know anything??

It's crazy knowing how many people buy in conspiracy theories about things. I feel like social media's grasp on society has only made things worse. 

One panel study showed that nearly 30 percent of adult Americans believed the virus was created by the Chinese government as a bioweapon. As months moved on, nearly 40 percent said they could believe this theory. 

A similar portion of people said that the CDC and other agencies were exaggerating the virus for political reasons. (Yes, of course the entire world is faking COVID to try to make the American president look bad. Of COURSE)

Another common one was that COVID was created to sell medicines and vaccines. Big pharma needs more money to sleep on!!

Just look at this MASSIVE Wikipedia article that highlights all the misinformation regarding COVID-19. 

Some people need to take more science classes. And an immunology class.