ZAP APERTURES!! - Medical Laboratory Science Humor



eBay is literally an endless source of amazing finds. If your lab instruments keep breaking at work... let your manager know there's a cheaper option. Just buy another one on eBay!

Although Sysmex has captured the scene, I miss the old Beckman LH-750. Heck, I'd press ZAP APERTURES just for the heck of it. It added spice to the night. Phone call with an angry clinician? ZAP APERTURES. Forgot your lunch? ZAP APERTURES. Working a double? ZAP APERTURES.

I'm sure you could find parts on there as well. Company taking too long to get you that pressure valve? Syringe Driver? Transducer? Flow Cell?! Just buy one on eBay! As long as it calibrates its good to go right? 

Who ARE the actual buyers of these things? Small time research labs or something? Some poor grad student is helping to pay for these second hand analyzers.  Some desperate techs looking to get away from hospitals and create their own lab? Maybe even compete with Quest? Man I could live out my dream of using the Siemens Vista again. No more Cobas, no more whatever it is Siemens makes anymore. I can't imagine a clinical lab with rigorous inspection would allow one in house

Sure come down in my basement, I'll draw your blood. Welcome to Darry's Discount Labs. Have a beer while you wait.