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Hey Boss, I've Never Heard That Sound Before....

You did WHAT? Boss, that's not how that's supposed to go...yes I'm sure.  *instrument grinds and squeals*  Why are you asking me how to do everything? Shouldn't the manager know this? How am I supposed to be provided with feedback properly on my work and performance if you don't even know what I'm doing?? You don't even know where the reagents are stored? Didn't you sign off on the SOPs??? I truly do believe that managers and those office bound techs who make important decisions should work the bench AT LEAST once a month. You lose your ability to grasp and understand the impact of the decisions you make and you lose the ability to feel what your coworkers are going through as a workflow.  It will never cease to amaze me that you have these supervisors, managers, etc., who haven't been on the bench in years, making so many decisions that affect the work of the lowly lab techs/lab scientists without ever fully realizing how the changes affect the dyna


  The idea of "Ogbanje" comes from a southern Nigerian term relating to a demon-like "evil spirit" child that causes a family suffering time and time again. Kinda sounds like Blood Bank... A family stricken with an Ogbanje would expect to have their child die very early on in life, only to be 'reborn' or reincarnated and die early again, ad nauseum. Ogbanje would put great pressure on a family, and the maternal-head, since having children after marriage is expected.  Many accounts of Ogbanje can likely be attributed to severe sickle-cells disease. Many other accounts can be made for women and child afflicted with "Rhesus disease". This would explain why women who continually tried to have other children, often failed. Rh positive offspring were in someway sensitizing the mother to the RhD antigen causing fetal demise. Think of how many of these changeling children were soon prevented by the routine use of RhoGAM.  If only we could take a pill that

C3? Hit. You Sunk My Glomerular Basement Membrane.

*Deposition of complement complexes in the kidney can render as bumpy/puffy appearances in immunofluorescence.  You probably haven't heard the term glomerular basement membrane since learning about Goodpasture's. There's a ASCP BOC test question for you.  After learning  the coag cascade  you thought there couldn't possibly be more cascades to learn? Well buck up sonny, the body has more cascades than the pacific northwest and the complement cascade is no different. Read this article about  Complement In Kidney Disease  to further your understanding on aHUS (atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome) and C3 glomerulopathy. Then look up Goodpasture's for more kidney destroying fun because it's sure to be on your certification tests. Make sure to differentiate between the 4 types of hypersensitivies!  The best part about the complement cascade has to be the Membrane Attack Complex. If you're snoring in your seat at the beginning of the complement lecture, you'll

Dear Diary: Mood...apathetic

  ♪♪♪IT was lookin kinda dumb with reagents on the ground and the shape of an L on the main probe... WELL the problems start comin and they don't stop comin. bent to the sky and it hit the well running. didn't make sense...couldn't finish the run...its brain is charred and the thing is done. so much to do, so much for that, what's wrong with taking the backstreets? they'll never know if I just go. I'll never get fired if I don't show. HEY NOW ♪♪♪... yeah ill stop. Chemistry does weird things to me. I wonder why we're getting Reagent Probe UP/DOWN errors? Those stupid sawblade twist off caps on the reagent cartridges are sometimes off center and the probe doesn't like it. Sometimes the pack will actually have to even be opened and closed manually with that fun little blue key. Sometimes...the label sticker is not on the pack properly and boy does the probe hate that as well because it won't sit in the reagent ring perfectly. Looks like this is a d

It's Not Delivery. It's Not Even DiGiorno.

  You got a 3 course meal and diamond earrings?? And that was only Monday?! Lucky! I think the grounds crew offered to save some of the dead animals they found during construction for us to eat during lab week. How would you like us to even cook that? Sous vide in the plasma thawer? Please ask Helmer if this an off label use. Perhaps as a side dish we could wrangle up some Spotted Lantern Flies and nuke them in the Beckman.  Zap Apertures  for a perfectly deserved lab week delicacy.  Lab Week does occur suspiciously with the 4/20 holiday. I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here, but it would certainly explain why we get the charcoal pizza. Char 'em if you got 'em.  What's the worst your organization has done for lab week? Does administration actually promote and provide for the laboratory at all? A FUN and EXCITING thing we do is have a potluck. Of food that we made ourselves. That we paid for by ourselves. With money that was awarded through labour at this very