Dear Diary: Mood...apathetic - Medical Laboratory Science Humor

Dear Diary: Mood...apathetic


Mood: Bent Probe

♪♪♪IT was lookin kinda dumb with reagents on the ground and the shape of an L on the main probe... WELL the problems start comin and they don't stop comin. bent to the sky and it hit the well running. didn't make sense...couldn't finish the run...its brain is charred and the thing is done. so much to do, so much for that, what's wrong with taking the backstreets? they'll never know if I just go. I'll never get fired if I don't show. HEY NOW ♪♪♪... yeah ill stop. Chemistry does weird things to me.

I wonder why we're getting Reagent Probe UP/DOWN errors? Those stupid sawblade twist off caps on the reagent cartridges are sometimes off center and the probe doesn't like it. Sometimes the pack will actually have to even be opened and closed manually with that fun little blue key. Sometimes...the label sticker is not on the pack properly and boy does the probe hate that as well because it won't sit in the reagent ring perfectly. Looks like this is a different issue though. The probe isn't supposed to be pointing AT me right? Did I do something wrong? Can we just take this to the laboratory smithy and have them bang this back into conformation? Good lord, I'm going to have to calibrate everything on this tonight, now. If I can even figure out how to hoop this new probe around and on...