Hey Boss, I've Never Heard That Sound Before.... - Medical Laboratory Science Humor

Hey Boss, I've Never Heard That Sound Before....

When A Manager Tries To Work The Bench

You did WHAT? Boss, that's not how that's supposed to go...yes I'm sure. 

*instrument grinds and squeals*

 Why are you asking me how to do everything? Shouldn't the manager know this? How am I supposed to be provided with feedback properly on my work and performance if you don't even know what I'm doing?? You don't even know where the reagents are stored? Didn't you sign off on the SOPs???

I truly do believe that managers and those office bound techs who make important decisions should work the bench AT LEAST once a month. You lose your ability to grasp and understand the impact of the decisions you make and you lose the ability to feel what your coworkers are going through as a workflow. 

It will never cease to amaze me that you have these supervisors, managers, etc., who haven't been on the bench in years, making so many decisions that affect the work of the lowly lab techs/lab scientists without ever fully realizing how the changes affect the dynamic of things. It should be a inspection regulation. A deficiency. If a supervisor or manager cannot function at a bench station. There is no excuse for that. How can you properly manage? Supervise? Correct? Improve?

You cannot.