It's Not Delivery. It's Not Even DiGiorno. - Medical Laboratory Science Humor

It's Not Delivery. It's Not Even DiGiorno.


Nurses Week Vs. Lab Week
You got a 3 course meal and diamond earrings?? And that was only Monday?! Lucky! I think the grounds crew offered to save some of the dead animals they found during construction for us to eat during lab week. How would you like us to even cook that? Sous vide in the plasma thawer? Please ask Helmer if this an off label use. Perhaps as a side dish we could wrangle up some Spotted Lantern Flies and nuke them in the Beckman. Zap Apertures for a perfectly deserved lab week delicacy. 

Lab Week does occur suspiciously with the 4/20 holiday. I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here, but it would certainly explain why we get the charcoal pizza. Char 'em if you got 'em. 

What's the worst your organization has done for lab week? Does administration actually promote and provide for the laboratory at all? A FUN and EXCITING thing we do is have a potluck. Of food that we made ourselves. That we paid for by ourselves. With money that was awarded through labour at this very institution. 

I always appreciate when pathology and managers dig into their own pockets to try and provide us with a little morale boost. We know hospital administration surely isn't. The lab? What is that? That costly hole in the basement? Oh right.... George do you think we can get the nurses gold bars this year?