Ogbanje - Medical Laboratory Science Humor



Oh Boy Here I go Killing Again
The idea of "Ogbanje" comes from a southern Nigerian term relating to a demon-like "evil spirit" child that causes a family suffering time and time again. Kinda sounds like Blood Bank...

A family stricken with an Ogbanje would expect to have their child die very early on in life, only to be 'reborn' or reincarnated and die early again, ad nauseum. Ogbanje would put great pressure on a family, and the maternal-head, since having children after marriage is expected. 

Many accounts of Ogbanje can likely be attributed to severe sickle-cells disease. Many other accounts can be made for women and child afflicted with "Rhesus disease". This would explain why women who continually tried to have other children, often failed. Rh positive offspring were in someway sensitizing the mother to the RhD antigen causing fetal demise. Think of how many of these changeling children were soon prevented by the routine use of RhoGAM. 

If only we could take a pill that would strengthen the embryonic chorion in order to inhibit anti-D from passing on in!! Just kidding, that would cause many other issues. Just choose your partner wisely. Make sure you ask his blood type and his Rh zygosity on the very first date. Don't want to accidentally fall in love with someone who could potentially give you an Rh positive child, right??

As a Bneg human, I feel this pain. Perhaps there should be an Rh Negative dating site. I mean, there's a Farmers Only dating site, why not an Rh Neg meetup? 

Quick before someone else does think of a great name and buy the domain name. LoveAintNoFactor.com